Business Administration and Digital Business

Learning is experience. Everything else is just information. Albert Einstein

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Education form: Distance Learning

Language: English

ECTS: 262 credits

Edication term: four years (8 semeters)

Program start: 2020/2021

New Programme

Today, companies increasingly need more and more well-trained experts who can contribute to the development of new digital business models and processes while also making them competitive and scalable. In the wake of digital transformation, yesterday’s successes are no longer a guarantee for the success of tomorrow.

The program offers wide-ranging competences in business administration in the digital international context. It forms skills for working in both multinational environment of big companies and in small and medium firms.

It applies modern education methods by means of contemporary information technologies so that students get acquainted with leading practices, business processes and the medium of making operative and strategic decisions for development.

ECTS credits 262

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Business Administration and Digital Business

With the program you get the complete toolbox to be an active designer of the digitalized future. You will become an expert in new business models, innovation and interaction methods.

You will learn to analyse changes in the contemporary business environment and its impact on company’s international digital operations and will be able to use information technology as a tool for decision making.

You will know how to manage the various processes of digital marketing and sales in international business and the different digital business models of your business.

You will be able to analyse the impact of the new technology and digital economy on company development.

Your bachelor’s degree in Digital Business opens up a wide range of job opportunities. Your digital expertise and your mindset are in demand in businesses, start-ups, public authorities and non-governmental organizations as well as in science, research and development.

Compulsory Disciplines


Introduction to Management

Business Mathematics

Business Communications


Introduction to Law



Business English 1

Human Resources Management

Busines Statistics

Organisational Behaviour



Business English 2

Trade Law

Digital Economy

Digital Technology Management

Digital Business Management

Digital Marketing

Managerial Accounting

Project Management

Innovation Management and Digital Transformation

Strategic Management

Quantative Methods

Globalization, outsourcing and virtual organisations

Comparative Tax Policy and Administration


Intellectual Property Law and others

Elective Disciplines


History of Economics

Knowledge, leadership and change

Intercultural team Leadership

Digital Organization

Digital Mobility Management

Driving Digital Strategy

Digital Business Model Development

Digital Start-up Building

Digital Research and Development and others

Optional Disciplines

Conflict Management

Stress Management

Corporate Social Responsibility

Language and Culture

Asia Business Environment